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CORI, Carl Ferdinand

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Glycogen formation in the liver from d- and 1-lactic acid.

J. biol. Chem., 81, 389-403, 1929.

The Cori cycle (also known as the lactic acid cycle), a metabolic pathway in which lactate produced by anaerobic glycolysis in muscles is transported to the liver and converted to glucose, which then returns to the muscles and is cyclically metabolized back to lactate.

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Enzymatic reactions in carbohydrate metabolism.

Harvey Lect. (1945-46), 41, 253-72, 1947.

Carl Cori and his wife Gerty Cori (1896-1957) shared the Nobel Prize (with Houssay) in 1947 for their researches on the course of the catalytic transformation of glycogens. They are more often remembered for the Cori cycle (see No. 12327).

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