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JUSSIEU, Bernard de

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Genera plantarum: Secundum ordines naturales disposita, juxta methodum in horto regio parisiensi exaratam, anno M.DCC.LXXIV. By Antoine Laurent de Jussieu.

Paris: apud viduam Herissant et Theophilum Barrois, 1789.

Jussieu was the first to publish a natural classification of flowering plants, basing his system on a extensive unpublished work by his deceased uncle, the botanist Bernard de Jussieu.

"In his study of flowering plants, Genera plantarum (1789), Jussieu adopted a methodology based on the use of multiple characters to define groups, an idea derived from naturalist Michel Adanson. This was a significant improvement over the "artificial" system of Linnaeus, whose most popular work classified plants into classes and orders based on the number of stamens and pistils. Jussieu did keep Linnaeus' binomial nomenclature, resulting in a work that was far-reaching in its impact; many of the present-day plant families are still attributed to Jussieu. Morton's 1981 History of botanical science counts 76 of Jussieu's families conserved in the ICBN, versus just 11 for Linnaeus, for instance" (Wikipedia article on Antoine Laurent de Jussieu, accessed 3-2020).

Digital facsimile from the Biodiversity Heritage Library at this link.

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Catalogue de la bibliothèque scientifique de MM. de Jussieu, dont la vente aur lieu le lundi 14 janvier 1858 et jours suivants, à sept heurs du soir....

Paris: Henri Labitte, Libraire, 1857.

Auction catalogue of the library of the de Jussieu dynasty of botanists.  Digital facsimile from Google Books at this link.

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Catalogue de livres et autographes provenant en majeur partie des bibliothèques d'Antoine, Bernard, Antoine-Laurent et Adrien de Jussieu, démonstrateurs et professeurs au Jardin du Roi, Membres de l'Institut 1686-1853. Voyages - Médecine - Sciences - Litérature - Sciences naturelles et principalement botanique....

Paris: Edouard Giard & Georges Andrieux, 1936.

Remarkably, many of the treasures of the Jussieu dynastic library, formed starting in the 18th century, remained in the family, and were sold at auction in Paris by Edouard Giard and Georges Andrieux on 10 February 1936. The larger portion of the library was dispersed at auction in January 1858.

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